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[en] A full-featured service for keeping statistics: what books have been read,  nowadays reading with page identification, future assumptions to read. You can create any number of lists (with arbitrary title and notes).

The current page will display all your lists with statistical information (totals,  in active status, scheduled for reading).

The book can be added to one of the lists only but you could move it to another one if needed. Each block contains book's picture, number of pages, status, title, and author. Book can be marked as rejected (abandoned to read) or completely removed from the list. Service allows you to keep pages statistics be recorded over the days, months and years. Just move your books through sections (Wish List, Read, Finish), and optionally track your pages. The Book Service will display statistics on the graph for the last month with highlighting your reading speed, it'll calculate the remaining time for the section. It stimulates :)

List management is based on drag&drop functionality (hold down the left mouse button under the book's image, drag to the desired area, and unpress the button). The same functionality is working for their ordering. If you want to put a book at the beginning, move it to the category title. If you want to see it at the end of list, drop it to the general area (the whole section will become darker). If drag&drop does not suite for you, just click on the book to select it, and click again to view navigational menu with all related options (move up/down, make first, make last, put to another section).

Stay all your wishes, suggestions, requests and recommendations on our forum (Forum / Support Service) or in comments (Rate).